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Our service advantage

Strong strength, committed to creating high-quality products in this industry.

Tens of thousands of square meters workshop, set research and development, design, production as one, focusing on research and development and production of indoor fitness equipment, a complete range of professional fitness equipment suppliers.

R&D innovation is aimed at introducing more suitable products for you.

The Spirit of "Professionalism and Concentration" of the School of Thought is constantly developing and progressing. And perennial guarantee of rich inventory, short delivery time, we pursue every product can ensure safety and reasonable.

Excellent quality, we pursue perfection and ultimate.

sipai fitness technology has its own perfect R&D and production team, focusing on details, pursuing perfection and ultimate, to ensure that the quality of each component meets the standards.

24-hour service: 18162062306 

Committed to creating better quality products, perfect after-sales team, professional services 24 hours online, efficient problem handling, dedicated, your preferred partner.



Contact: RuoTian.Zhong

Phone: 18162062306

Tel: 18162062306

Email: dzsipai@163.com

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